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Address: Jefferstone Ln, St Mary’s Bay, Romney Marsh TN29 0SG
Google Rating: 3.7
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Jesson Court Summary

Jesson Court is a small and exclusive static caravan holiday park located in Kent, UK. The park is nestled between the charming villages of New Romney and Dymchurch, close to the sandy beach at St Mary’s Bay. Jesson Court is an “owners only” park, meaning that only those who own a static caravan on the site can stay there. This creates a sense of community and exclusivity that many holidaymakers find appealing.

The park is named after Lucinda E. Jesson, a judge who was appointed to the Minnesota Court of Appeals in 2016. It is unclear whether there is any direct connection between Judge Jesson and the holiday park that bears her name. However, the park’s owners may have chosen to name it after Judge Jesson as a way of honouring her achievements and contributions to the legal profession.

Key Takeaways

  • Jesson Court is an “owners only” static caravan holiday park in Kent, UK.
  • The park is named after Lucinda E. Jesson, a judge who was appointed to the Minnesota Court of Appeals in 2016.
  • The park’s exclusivity and community feel make it a popular destination for holidaymakers looking for a unique and relaxing getaway.

History of Jesson Court

Jesson Court is a Minnesota Court of Appeals that was established in 1983. It is named after the Honorable George L. Jesson, who served as a judge of the Minnesota Court of Appeals from 1983 to 1992. The court was created to relieve the workload of the Minnesota Supreme Court and to provide a more efficient and effective means of handling appeals.

The court’s jurisdiction covers the entire state of Minnesota, and it hears appeals from the state’s district courts, the Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals, and various state agencies. The court has ten judges, and each judge is appointed by the Governor of Minnesota for a six-year term. Judges may be reappointed for additional terms.

Over the years, Jesson Court has played a significant role in shaping Minnesota law. The court’s decisions have established important legal precedents and clarified the state’s laws on a wide range of issues, including criminal law, family law, and property law. The court’s decisions are published in the Minnesota Reports and the North Western Reporter, and they are widely cited by lawyers and judges throughout the state.

In recent years, Jesson Court has faced some changes. Two judges with deep connections to Mitchell Hamline, Denise Reilly ’83 and Lucinda Jesson, were both named to the court during Gov. Mark Dayton’s administration. Judge Jesson was appointed to the Minnesota Court of Appeals by Governor Mark Dayton on January 4, 2016, and served as Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Human Services from January 2011 to December 2015. Judge Reilly was appointed to the court in 2014. However, they both departed from the court in 2023.

Architectural Features of Jesson Court

Jesson Court is a modern courthouse located in the heart of Lincoln, Nebraska. The building was designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, resulting in a beautiful and practical structure that serves the needs of the community.

The courthouse is a two-story building with a total area of 53,000 square feet. The exterior of the building is made of brick and glass, giving it a modern and sleek appearance. The entrance to the courthouse is marked by a large glass canopy that provides shelter for visitors on rainy days.

Inside, the courthouse is designed to be both welcoming and efficient. The lobby area is spacious and well-lit, with comfortable seating and information desks to assist visitors. The courtrooms are located on the second floor and are accessible by a grand staircase or an elevator.

The courtrooms themselves are designed with the latest technology and equipment to ensure that trials and hearings proceed smoothly. Each courtroom is equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system, video conferencing capabilities, and large flat-screen monitors for displaying evidence and testimony.

In addition to the courtrooms, Jesson Court also has several conference rooms and offices for judges, attorneys, and other court staff. These rooms are designed with the same attention to detail as the courtrooms and are equipped with modern technology and comfortable furnishings.

Overall, Jesson Court is a well-designed and functional courthouse that provides a welcoming environment for visitors and a practical space for legal proceedings. Its modern design and state-of-the-art technology make it a valuable asset to the Lincoln community and the Nebraska judicial system.

Location and Accessibility

Jesson Court is located in the heart of downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. The court building is easily accessible by car, bus, and light rail. There are also several parking options available nearby, including metered street parking and several parking garages.

The court building is wheelchair accessible and has several amenities for people with disabilities. These include wheelchair ramps, accessible restrooms, and elevators. The court also provides assistive listening devices for people with hearing impairments.

For those who prefer to take public transportation, Jesson Court is conveniently located near several bus stops and the light rail. The court is also within walking distance of several restaurants, cafes, and shops, making it easy to grab a bite to eat or run errands before or after a court appearance.

Overall, Jesson Court is a well-located and accessible courthouse that provides a range of amenities for people with disabilities. Whether you are driving, taking public transportation, or walking, you can easily access the court building and take care of your legal business.

Significance in Local Community

Jesson Court is a vital part of the local community, serving as a court of appeals for the state of Minnesota. As an appellate court, it is responsible for reviewing decisions made by lower courts, ensuring that they are fair and just. The court’s role is to provide an impartial and independent review of cases, ensuring that justice is served for all parties involved.

The court plays a significant role in ensuring that the legal system is fair and accessible to everyone. By providing an avenue for appeal, Jesson Court ensures that individuals who feel they have been wronged have a chance to have their case reviewed. This is particularly important for those who may not have the resources to pursue legal action on their own.

In addition to its role in the legal system, Jesson Court is also a significant employer in the local community. The court employs a number of judges, clerks, and other staff members, providing stable and well-paying jobs to many individuals. This has a positive impact on the local economy, helping to support local businesses and communities.

Overall, Jesson Court is a vital part of the local community, serving as an impartial and independent arbiter of justice. Its role in ensuring that the legal system is fair and accessible to all is crucial, and its impact on the local economy cannot be overstated.

Events at Jesson Court

Jesson Court is home to a variety of events throughout the year, ranging from investiture ceremonies to public hearings. Here are some of the notable events that have taken place at Jesson Court:

Investiture Ceremonies

Investiture ceremonies are held to formally welcome new judges to the Minnesota Court of Appeals. These ceremonies are open to the public and provide an opportunity for judges to take their oath of office and to give speeches about their vision for the court. The most recent investiture ceremony was held on February 10, 2023, to welcome Judges Lucinda E. Jesson and Tracy M. Smith to the court.

Oral Arguments

Oral arguments are open to the public and provide an opportunity for lawyers to present their cases to a panel of judges. These arguments are typically held in the courtroom at Jesson Court and are an important part of the appeals process. Members of the public are welcome to attend oral arguments, but seating is limited and it is recommended to arrive early.

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Programs

CLE programs are designed to provide lawyers with the knowledge and skills they need to stay up-to-date with changes in the law. Jesson Court hosts a variety of CLE programs throughout the year, covering topics such as ethics, appellate practice, and emerging legal issues. These programs are open to all lawyers and provide an opportunity to earn CLE credit.

Community Outreach

Jesson Court is committed to engaging with the community and promoting public understanding of the judicial system. The court hosts a variety of community outreach events, including courthouse tours, mock trials, and educational programs for students. These events provide an opportunity for members of the public to learn more about the court and to interact with judges and court staff.

Overall, Jesson Court is a hub of activity in the Minnesota legal community, hosting a variety of events throughout the year. Whether you are a lawyer, a member of the public, or a student, there are many opportunities to engage with the court and to learn more about the judicial system.

Future Developments

Jesson Court is a thriving community that is set to grow even more in the future. The local council has plans to develop the area further, with several new projects in the pipeline. These developments will bring new opportunities and facilities to the residents of Jesson Court and the surrounding areas.

One of the most significant developments is the construction of a new community centre. This facility will provide a focal point for the community, offering a range of activities and services for people of all ages. The centre will include a large hall for events and activities, meeting rooms, a café, and outdoor spaces for recreation.

In addition to the community centre, there are plans to build new homes in the area. These homes will be affordable and designed to meet the needs of local residents. The council is committed to providing high-quality housing that is both affordable and sustainable.

Another exciting development is the creation of a new park. The park will be a green space for residents to enjoy, with play areas for children, outdoor fitness equipment, and walking paths. The park will also provide a habitat for local wildlife, helping to support biodiversity in the area.

Overall, the future of Jesson Court looks bright. With new facilities and homes on the horizon, the community is set to continue to thrive and grow. The council is committed to working with local residents to ensure that these developments meet the needs of the community and provide a bright future for all.


The Jesson Court case has been an ongoing legal battle in Minnesota regarding the constitutionality of the Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP). The case has been controversial due to the program’s indefinite detention of sex offenders, which plaintiffs argued violated their constitutional rights.

In 2015, Judge Donovan W. Frank ruled that the MSOP was unconstitutional on its face and as applied, and directed the parties to develop remedies and relief to correct the deficiencies in the program. Since then, the court has issued several orders related to the case, including requiring the completion of risk and phase placement reevaluations for eligible individuals, submitting a plan to complete reevaluations for the elderly and individuals with disabilities, and holding a remedies phase pre-hearing.

The case has continued to generate controversy and debate, with some arguing that the MSOP is necessary to protect the public from dangerous sex offenders, while others argue that it violates the constitutional rights of those detained. The case has also raised questions about the use of civil commitment for sex offenders and the need for more effective and humane alternatives to ensure public safety.

Overall, the Jesson Court case highlights the complex and challenging issues surrounding the treatment and detention of sex offenders. While the case has resulted in some changes to the MSOP, it is clear that more work needs to be done to ensure that the program is both effective and constitutional. The ongoing legal battles and debates surrounding the case demonstrate the need for continued discussion and action to address these important issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the facilities available at Jesson Court Holiday Park?

At Jesson Court Holiday Park, guests can enjoy a range of facilities to make their stay comfortable and enjoyable. The park offers a heated indoor swimming pool, a sauna, and a fitness centre for guests who want to stay active during their stay. There is also a bar and restaurant on-site, as well as a convenience store for any essentials guests may need.

Are pets allowed at Jesson Court Holiday Park?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at Jesson Court Holiday Park. However, guests can contact the park directly to inquire about any exceptions or alternative arrangements.

What is the check-in time at Jesson Court Holiday Park?

Check-in time at Jesson Court Holiday Park is from 3:00 pm onwards. Guests are advised to contact the park directly if they will be arriving later than 7:00 pm.

Are there any local attractions near Jesson Court Holiday Park?

Yes, there are many local attractions near Jesson Court Holiday Park. The park is located near the picturesque village of St. Mary’s Bay, which offers beautiful coastal walks and stunning views. Other nearby attractions include the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway, and the historic town of Rye.

What is the cancellation policy for bookings at Jesson Court Holiday Park?

The cancellation policy for bookings at Jesson Court Holiday Park varies depending on the type of booking and the time of year. Guests are advised to contact the park directly to inquire about the cancellation policy for their specific booking.

Is there WiFi available at Jesson Court Holiday Park?

Yes, there is WiFi available at Jesson Court Holiday Park. Guests can purchase WiFi access at the park reception.


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