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Key Hartland Forest Lodges Details

Address: Hartland Forest Golf & Leisure Parc, Woolfardisworthy EX39 5RA
Website: http://www.hartland-forest-holidays.co.uk/
Google Rating: 4.2
Number of Google Reviews: 99

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Hartland Forest Lodges Summary

Hartland Forest Lodges is a secluded holiday destination located in the heart of Devon, UK. The lodges are situated in the middle of hundreds of acres of woodland, making it an ideal location for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The picturesque fishing village of Clovelly is just a twenty-minute drive away, and the village of Woolfardisworthy is just five minutes away, offering visitors the best of both worlds.

The accommodation at Hartland Forest Lodges is ideal for families, couples or groups of friends. The lodges are fully equipped with all the necessary amenities, including a kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. The lodges are also pet-friendly, so visitors can bring their furry friends along for the trip. The lodges are spacious and comfortable, making it the perfect place to relax and unwind after a day of exploring the surrounding area.

Hartland Forest Lodges offers a range of activities for visitors to enjoy, including hiking, cycling, fishing, and golfing. The lodges are also located near several beaches, including Bude beach, which is just a twenty-minute drive away. Visitors can also explore the nearby villages and towns, which offer a range of shops, restaurants, and pubs.

Key Takeaways

  • Hartland Forest Lodges is a secluded holiday destination located in Devon, UK, surrounded by hundreds of acres of woodland.
  • The lodges are fully equipped with all the necessary amenities and are pet-friendly, making it an ideal place for families, couples, or groups of friends to relax and unwind.
  • Visitors can enjoy a range of activities, including hiking, cycling, fishing, and golfing, and explore nearby villages and towns.

Location of Hartland Forest Lodges

Hartland Forest Lodges is a peaceful and spacious retreat nestled in the heart of North Devon’s stunning countryside. The lodge is located in Woolfardisworthy, near Clovelly, and is easily accessible by car.

The post code for the site is EX39 5RA. Visitors can use this post code in their GPS or Google Maps to get directions to the lodge. Alternatively, visitors can use the lodge’s phone number, 07825641821, to call and ask for directions.

Hartland Forest Lodges is located in a beautiful, tranquil area that is perfect for a relaxing break. The lodge is surrounded by woodland and rolling hills, providing visitors with a sense of peace and seclusion.

Visitors to Hartland Forest Lodges can enjoy the best of both worlds: the peace and tranquillity of the countryside, as well as easy access to North Devon’s many attractions. The lodge is just a short drive from the coast, where visitors can explore the stunning beaches and picturesque fishing villages that North Devon is famous for.

Overall, the location of Hartland Forest Lodges is perfect for those looking for a peaceful, relaxing break in the heart of North Devon’s stunning countryside.

Accommodation at Hartland Forest Lodges

Hartland Forest Lodges offer a range of accommodation options to suit different needs and budgets. Each lodge is designed to provide a comfortable and relaxing stay, with modern amenities and a peaceful setting.

Types of Lodges

There are several types of lodges available at Hartland Forest, including:

  • Scandinavian-style lodges: These spacious lodges are perfect for families or groups of friends. They feature open-plan living areas, fully equipped kitchens, and private outdoor spaces. Some lodges also have hot tubs or saunas for added luxury.

  • Pet-friendly lodges: For those who want to bring their furry friends along, Hartland Forest offers pet-friendly lodges. These lodges have enclosed outdoor spaces and are located in areas that are perfect for dog walks.

  • Accessible lodges: Hartland Forest also has lodges that are designed to be accessible for people with disabilities. These lodges have wider doorways, grab rails, and other features that make them easier to navigate.

Facilities and Amenities

All lodges at Hartland Forest come with a range of facilities and amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. Some of the features include:

  • Free Wi-Fi: Stay connected with free Wi-Fi available in all lodges.

  • Flat-screen TVs: Each lodge has a flat-screen TV with Freeview channels for entertainment.

  • Fully equipped kitchens: Cook your own meals with fully equipped kitchens that include an oven, hob, microwave, and fridge/freezer.

  • Private outdoor spaces: Enjoy the beautiful surroundings with private outdoor spaces, including decking and garden areas.

  • On-site facilities: Hartland Forest also has on-site facilities, including a golf course, fishing lakes, and a restaurant.

Overall, Hartland Forest Lodges provide a comfortable and relaxing stay in the heart of the Devon countryside. Whether you’re looking for a family holiday or a romantic getaway, there’s a lodge to suit your needs.

Activities at Hartland Forest Lodges

On-Site Activities

Hartland Forest Lodges offer a variety of on-site activities for guests to enjoy during their stay. These activities include:

  • Fishing: There are several well-stocked fishing lakes on the site, providing guests with an opportunity to catch carp, tench, and bream.
  • Golf: The lodges are located adjacent to the Hartland Forest Golf Club, which offers an 18-hole course for guests to play.
  • Leisure Facilities: The site has a range of leisure facilities, including a sauna, hot tub, and gym, which are available for guests to use free of charge.
  • Sports Hall: The large, multi-purpose sports hall is available for guests to play badminton, five-a-side football, and other activities.

Nearby Attractions

In addition to the on-site activities, there are plenty of nearby attractions for guests to explore. These include:

  • Beaches: The lodges are located close to some of the best beaches in Devon, including Westward Ho!, Bude, and Saunton Sands.
  • Coastal Walks: The South West Coast Path runs along the coast near the lodges, providing guests with an opportunity to explore the stunning coastal scenery.
  • Local Attractions: There are plenty of local attractions to explore, including the picturesque villages of Clovelly and Appledore, and the historic town of Bideford.
  • Theme Parks: The lodges are within easy reach of several theme parks, including The Milky Way Adventure Park and The Big Sheep.

Whether guests want to relax on-site or explore the local area, Hartland Forest Lodges offer a range of activities to suit all tastes.

Booking and Prices

How to Book

To book a stay at Hartland Forest Lodges, visitors can use various online booking platforms such as Booking.com and Airbnb. Both platforms offer a user-friendly interface that allows visitors to select their preferred dates, check availability, and make a reservation with just a few clicks. Visitors can also book directly through the Hartland Forest Lodges website, which offers a secure booking system and a range of payment options.

Price Range

The price range for a stay at Hartland Forest Lodges varies depending on the season and the type of lodge selected. On average, prices range from £300 to £1000 per week. Visitors can choose from a range of lodges, including two-bedroom pet-friendly lodges, three-bedroom lodges, and luxury lodges with hot tubs. The lodges are fully equipped with modern amenities, including a fully equipped kitchen, private bathroom, and heating.

Visitors can also take advantage of various discounts and special offers throughout the year, such as early booking discounts and last-minute deals. It is worth noting that prices may vary depending on the booking platform used, and visitors are advised to compare prices across different platforms to ensure they get the best deal.

Overall, Hartland Forest Lodges offer a range of accommodation options to suit all budgets and preferences. With a range of booking options and competitive prices, visitors can easily book their dream holiday at this picturesque location.

Guest Reviews and Ratings

Hartland Forest Lodges have received positive reviews and ratings from guests who have stayed there. Here are some of the comments left by guests on various travel websites:

  • “Lovely place to stay in lodges” – A guest on Tripadvisor.com described the lodges as lovely and highly recommended them to other travellers. They also praised the location of the lodges, saying that it was peaceful and quiet.

  • “Tranquil accommodations” – Another guest on Tripadvisor.com described the lodges as tranquil and recommended them to anyone looking for a peaceful getaway. They also praised the cleanliness and comfort of the lodges.

  • “Delightful, spacious, comfortable and well-equipped lodge” – A guest on Booking.com described Lodge 18 at Hartland Forest as delightful, spacious, comfortable, and well-equipped. They also praised the peaceful and rural surroundings of the lodge.

Overall, the guest reviews and ratings for Hartland Forest Lodges have been positive, with guests praising the peaceful location, cleanliness, comfort, and well-equipped lodges.

Environmental Sustainability

Hartland Forest Lodges is committed to environmental sustainability. The lodges are set within a beautiful forest, and the management team is dedicated to preserving the natural environment. Here are some of the ways that Hartland Forest Lodges is working towards environmental sustainability:

  • Energy Efficiency: The lodges are designed to be energy-efficient. They are insulated to reduce heat loss, and they have double-glazed windows to keep the lodges warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The lodges also have energy-efficient lighting and appliances to reduce energy consumption.

  • Waste Management: Hartland Forest Lodges has a comprehensive waste management system in place. Guests are encouraged to recycle, and the lodges have recycling bins for paper, plastic, and glass. The lodges also have compost bins for food waste.

  • Water Conservation: The lodges have low-flow toilets and showerheads to conserve water. Guests are also encouraged to conserve water by taking shorter showers and turning off the tap while brushing their teeth.

  • Natural Habitat: The management team at Hartland Forest Lodges is committed to preserving the natural habitat. They have planted native trees and plants to provide food and shelter for wildlife. The lodges are also designed to blend in with the natural surroundings, and the management team is careful to minimize the impact of human activity on the environment.

  • Transportation: Hartland Forest Lodges encourages guests to use public transportation or to carpool to reduce carbon emissions. The lodges also have charging stations for electric vehicles.

Overall, Hartland Forest Lodges is committed to environmental sustainability. The management team is constantly looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of the lodges while providing guests with a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Contact Information

For any enquiries or to book a stay at Hartland Forest Lodges, guests can contact the park directly through their website or by phone. The park’s website provides detailed information about the lodges, amenities, and activities available, as well as an online booking system for guests to easily reserve their stay.


Guests can call the park’s reception at +44 (0) 1237 431 504 to speak with a member of staff directly. The reception is open 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm.


Alternatively, guests can email the park at info@hartlandforestlodges.co.uk with any questions or booking requests. The park’s friendly staff will respond to emails promptly and provide any necessary information to ensure a smooth booking process.


The address for Hartland Forest Lodges is as follows:

Hartland Forest Lodges
EX39 5RA

Guests can use this address to plan their journey to the park or to send any correspondence to the park’s reception.

Social Media

Hartland Forest Lodges also has a Facebook page where guests can stay up to date with news and events at the park. The page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/HartlandForestLodge/.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hartland Forest Lodge owners association and how can I become a member?

The Hartland Forest Lodge owners association is a group of owners who work together to manage and maintain the lodges and surrounding areas. Membership is open to all lodge owners, and you can contact the association directly for more information on how to become a member.

Are there fishing opportunities available at Hartland Forest?

Yes, there are fishing opportunities available at Hartland Forest. The site has a number of well-stocked lakes, which are available for fishing by lodge owners and their guests. Fishing permits can be obtained from the site office.

What are some nearby attractions to Hartland Forest Lodges?

There are plenty of nearby attractions to Hartland Forest Lodges. The site is located close to the North Devon coast, which boasts a number of beautiful beaches and coastal walks. Other nearby attractions include the historic town of Bideford, the Tarka Trail, and the RHS Garden Rosemoor.

Can you tell me more about Three Owls Lodge in Hartland Forest?

Three Owls Lodge is a beautiful three-bedroom lodge located on the Hartland Forest site. The lodge is fully equipped with all the modern amenities you need for a comfortable stay, including a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious living room, and a private hot tub.

Are pets allowed at Hartland Forest Lodges?

Yes, pets are allowed at Hartland Forest Lodges. However, there are some restrictions and conditions that apply, so it’s important to check with the site office before bringing your pet.

Is Hartland Lakes accessible from Hartland Forest Lodges?

Yes, Hartland Lakes is accessible from Hartland Forest Lodges. The lakes are located on the same site as the lodges, and are just a short walk away. The lakes are well-stocked with a variety of fish, making them a popular spot for fishing enthusiasts.


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