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Address: Crosbie Towers Caravan Parks, Crosbie, West Kilbride KA23 9PH
Google Rating: 4.4
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Crosbie Towers Summary

Crosbie Towers is a beautiful caravan park and park home located in Ayrshire, Scotland. The park offers a peaceful and relaxing environment for those looking for a home away from home. With over 40 acres of land, the park has 23 residential pitches and 110 holiday pitches, with room for expansion.

Crosbie Towers is located on the Scottish Clyde Coast and is just a short drive away from the beautiful coastal resorts and beaches of Saltcoats and Largs. The park offers a woodland trail walk with spectacular views and a host of flowers and animals, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers. The park also has two play areas, one for under 10s and the other a fenced small football and games area for older children.

Key Takeaways

  • Crosbie Towers is a beautiful caravan park and park home located in Ayrshire, Scotland.
  • The park offers a peaceful and relaxing environment with over 40 acres of land, 23 residential pitches and 110 holiday pitches.
  • Crosbie Towers is located on the Scottish Clyde Coast and offers a woodland trail walk, two play areas, and is just a short drive away from beautiful coastal resorts and beaches.

History of Crosbie Towers

Early History

Crosbie Towers is a historic building located in West Kilbride, Ayrshire. Its origins can be traced back to the 17th century when it was built as a small tower house. However, there are claims that an earlier tower existed on the site. The building is of the T plan with an oblong main block with a projecting start tower.

In 1202, Pope Innocent III wrote to the priors of St. Oswald’s, Nostell and St. John’s, Pontefract, and Roger, rural dean of Ledsham regarding land at Eglefechan. It is believed that the land at Crosbie was part of this grant. The tower house was built by the Crosbie family, who were prominent landowners in the area.

Over the centuries, the building changed hands several times and underwent a number of alterations. In the 19th century, it was extensively renovated, and the Italianate style was added to the building. The tower house was then converted into a villa and became the residence of a whisky merchant.

Recent Developments

Crosbie Towers has had a varied history in recent times. It was used as a care home for a period and then became the property of the Church of Scotland. However, the building fell into disrepair and was abandoned for around a decade.

As of 2015, Crosbie Towers was an abandoned mansion, and it was rumored to be haunted. However, the building has since been purchased, and there are plans to restore it to its former glory. The current owner has expressed a desire to turn the building into a luxury hotel, which would be a welcome addition to the local area.

Despite its turbulent history, Crosbie Towers remains a significant landmark in Ayrshire. Its unique architecture and rich history make it a popular destination for tourists and history enthusiasts alike.

Architectural Design of Crosbie Towers

Crosbie Towers is a high-rise building located in Norwalk, Connecticut, designed by Michael J. Crosbie, a practising architect. The tower is a mixed-use development that incorporates residential, commercial, and retail spaces. The building’s design is characterised by its sleek, modernist style, and its use of sustainable materials and technologies.

The tower’s façade is made up of a combination of glass, steel, and concrete, which gives it a distinctive, contemporary look. The building’s shape is also unique, with its curved edges and tapering form, which help to reduce wind resistance and improve energy efficiency. The tower’s height is 25 storeys, and it is one of the tallest buildings in the area.

One of the most notable features of Crosbie Towers is its use of sustainable design principles. The building is designed to be energy efficient, with features such as solar panels, high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, and low-flow plumbing fixtures. The tower also incorporates green spaces and rooftop gardens, which help to reduce the building’s carbon footprint and provide a pleasant environment for residents and visitors.

The tower’s interior design is equally impressive, with spacious, light-filled living spaces that make the most of the building’s panoramic views. The tower’s amenities include a fitness centre, a swimming pool, and a rooftop terrace, which offer residents a range of leisure and recreational activities.

Overall, the architectural design of Crosbie Towers is a testament to Michael J. Crosbie’s skill as an architect. The building’s innovative design, sustainable features, and luxurious amenities make it a prime example of modern urban living.

Significance and Influence

Crosbie Towers’ historical and architectural significance is undeniable. The building is a testament to the grandeur and elegance of the Scottish Renaissance style, which was popular in the late 19th century. Its ornate façade, intricate stonework, and imposing tower are a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of the builders who constructed it.

The building’s influence extends beyond its architectural significance. It has played an important role in the history of the local area and has been a focal point for many important events. For example, it was used as a hospital during World War II, providing care for wounded soldiers. It has also been the site of many important social and cultural events, including concerts, plays, and exhibitions.

Today, Crosbie Towers remains an important landmark and a symbol of the area’s rich history and heritage. It is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, who come to admire its beauty and learn about its history. The building is also used for a variety of purposes, including offices, apartments, and event spaces.

Overall, Crosbie Towers is a unique and important building that has played an important role in the history and culture of the local area. Its beauty and grandeur continue to inspire and captivate visitors, and its influence can be felt in the many important events and activities that have taken place within its walls.

Crosbie Towers in Popular Culture

Crosbie Towers has not been featured in many works of popular culture, but it has made some appearances in literature and media.

In Richard Martin Stern’s novel “The Tower” (1973), a breeches buoy line shot from a helicopter is used to link the World Trade Center’s North Tower to the neighboring (fictional and taller) “World Tower Building,” in order to rescue hundreds of people trapped by a fire. While Crosbie Towers is not mentioned by name, it is believed that the author drew inspiration from the building’s location and design.

In addition to literature, Crosbie Towers has also been featured in a few online articles and reviews. For example, the Scottish Castles Association has published an article on the history and current state of Crosbie Tower. The article notes that the building is a small 17th-century structure that was altered in the 19th century. It also mentions claims of an earlier tower on the site and discusses the rapid deterioration of the building.

Crosbie Towers has also been mentioned on social media and travel websites. The Crosbie Towers Caravan Park, which is located near the building, has a website that showcases the park’s amenities and location. The park is set in ancient Scottish woodland and offers stunning views of the Isle of Arran. Visitors can purchase holiday homes or permanent residences and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Overall, while Crosbie Towers may not be a well-known cultural landmark, it has made some appearances in literature and media, and remains a unique and interesting building with a rich history.

Conservation and Preservation Efforts

Crosbie Tower is a historic building that has undergone numerous restoration efforts over the years to preserve its unique architecture and historical significance. The Scottish Castles Association has been actively involved in conservation efforts to ensure that the tower remains standing for future generations to enjoy.

One of the main challenges facing conservationists is the preservation of the tower’s stonework. The tower is constructed from a mixture of sandstone and limestone, both of which are susceptible to erosion and weathering over time. To combat this, the Scottish Castles Association has undertaken a number of restoration projects to repair and replace damaged stonework.

In addition to physical restoration efforts, the Scottish Castles Association has also worked to raise awareness of the tower’s historical significance. This has included educational programmes for local schools and universities, as well as guided tours of the tower for visitors. By educating the public about the tower’s history and importance, the Association hopes to generate greater support for its conservation efforts.

Another important aspect of conservation is the maintenance of the tower’s surrounding environment. This includes the careful management of the surrounding landscape to ensure that it remains in keeping with the tower’s historical context. The Scottish Castles Association has worked closely with local authorities to develop a management plan for the surrounding area, which includes the removal of invasive plant species and the restoration of native habitats.

Overall, the conservation and preservation efforts at Crosbie Tower have been successful in ensuring that this historic building remains standing for future generations to enjoy. Through careful restoration and management, the Scottish Castles Association has been able to protect the tower’s unique architecture and historical significance, while also promoting greater awareness and appreciation of its importance.

Visiting Crosbie Towers

Crosbie Towers Caravan Park is a stunning location for a holiday home or permanent residence. Located in ancient Scottish woodland, the park overlooks the Isle of Arran and presents a picturesque view of the Clyde coast. Here’s what you need to know if you’re planning a visit to Crosbie Towers.

Visitor Registration

All visitors to Crosbie Towers must be registered to allow the park to fulfil its safety obligations. Visitors can register by filling out the Visitor Registration form on the park’s website. The information provided will not be used for any other purpose.

Accommodation Options

Crosbie Towers offers a range of accommodation options, including caravans and park homes. Visitors can tour the park to see the different options available to them. Those interested in purchasing a holiday home or permanent residence can buy directly from Crosbie Towers.

Park Facilities

Crosbie Towers Caravan Park has a range of facilities to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. The park has a nature walk, meandering rivers, and ponds located in the grounds of the park. Visitors can enjoy the stunning views looking over the Clyde estuary at the Isle of Arran. There is also a children’s play area and a games room on-site.


Crosbie Towers Caravan Park is located in West Kilbride, North Ayrshire, and has easy access to all major roads via the A78 going North and South. The park is about a mile from the village of West Kilbride, where visitors can find a range of shops, restaurants, and pubs.


Crosbie Towers Caravan Park is located in ancient Scottish woodland and is home to a range of wildlife. Visitors can expect to see a variety of birds, including woodpeckers, owls, and buzzards. There are also red squirrels, rabbits, and deer in the park. Visitors are asked to respect the wildlife and not disturb their natural habitat.

Visiting Crosbie Towers is a unique experience that offers stunning views, comfortable accommodation, and a range of facilities. Whether you’re looking for a holiday home or a permanent residence, Crosbie Towers Caravan Park is the perfect location for your next adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the nearby attractions to Crosbie Towers?

Crosbie Towers is situated in the beautiful Ayrshire countryside, overlooking the Isle of Arran. There are many nearby attractions that visitors can enjoy, including the historic Culzean Castle, the seaside town of Largs, and the bustling city of Glasgow. The area is also home to many golf courses, hiking trails, and scenic drives.

Are there any lodges available for sale in the Ayrshire area?

Yes, there are many lodges available for sale in the Ayrshire area. Visitors can choose from a variety of lodges, ranging from cozy one-bedroom units to spacious three-bedroom models. Many of these lodges offer stunning views of the surrounding countryside and are equipped with modern amenities such as fully-equipped kitchens, comfortable living areas, and outdoor decking.

What types of entertainment are available at Greenacres Caravan Park?

Greenacres Caravan Park offers a range of entertainment options for visitors, including live music, bingo, quiz nights, and karaoke. The park also features a children’s play area, a heated indoor swimming pool, and a well-stocked bar and restaurant.

Can you provide information on the Ranch Maybole?

The Ranch Maybole is a popular equestrian centre located in the heart of Ayrshire. The centre offers a range of activities for visitors, including horse riding lessons, pony trekking, and carriage rides. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, such as archery and clay pigeon shooting.

What is the distance between Crosbie Towers and Ayr Caravan Park?

Crosbie Towers is located approximately 20 miles from Ayr Caravan Park. The journey takes around 30 minutes by car, and visitors can enjoy stunning views of the Ayrshire countryside along the way.

Are there any available caravans for sale at Glenview Caravan Park Ardrossan?

Yes, there are several caravans available for sale at Glenview Caravan Park Ardrossan. Visitors can choose from a range of models, including luxury caravans with en-suite bathrooms and spacious living areas. The park also offers a range of on-site facilities, including a children’s play area, a well-stocked shop, and a bar and restaurant.


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