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Address: Llanfechell, Amlwch LL68 0RH
Google Rating: 4.5
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Coed Cottages Summary

Coed Cottages is a holiday destination located in Llanfechell, Isle of Anglesey, United Kingdom. The cottages are surrounded by many acres of land, making it a perfect place for pets and children to explore. It is a great place for tourists and contractors alike, with the touring field available year-round and shower/toilet facilities available for use.

Coed Cottages has received many positive reviews from visitors, with many praising the welcoming atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. It is a great place for families to spend quality time together, with many activities available for children and adults alike. The cottages are also pet-friendly, making it a great place for animal lovers to enjoy a holiday with their furry friends.

Key Takeaways

  • Coed Cottages is a holiday destination located in Llanfechell, Isle of Anglesey, United Kingdom, with many acres of land for pets and children to explore.
  • The cottages are a great place for tourists and contractors, with a touring field available year-round and shower/toilet facilities available for use.
  • Coed Cottages is a pet-friendly destination with many activities available for families to enjoy.

History of Coed Cottages

Coed Cottages is a beautiful holiday destination situated in seven acres of grounds in a gorgeous countryside location, just one mile from Cemaes Bay in Anglesey, North Wales. The cottages have a rich history that dates back to the 18th century.

Originally, the cottages were built to house workers who worked in the nearby quarry. The quarry was one of the largest employers in the area, and the cottages provided much-needed accommodation for the workers and their families. The cottages were built of Welsh stone and featured exposed wooden beams, inglenook fireplaces, and other traditional features.

Over time, the quarry closed down, and the cottages fell into disrepair. However, in the early 2000s, a new owner purchased the cottages and set about restoring them to their former glory. The restoration work was extensive and involved repairing the roofs, replacing the windows, and restoring the original features of the cottages.

Today, Coed Cottages offers a range of accommodation and facilities, including two detached cottages, two apartments, four static caravans, and a touring and camping field. The main house, Tyn Lon, is also available for rent. The onsite owners are there on hand to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

If you’re interested in history, the area around Coed Cottages has plenty to offer. The first evidence of human habitation on Anglesey dates back to the Mesolithic period, in about 7000 BC. And check out the village of Cemaes, just up the road from Coed Cottages, which is steeped in history and has plenty of interesting sights to see.

Types of Coed Cottages

Coed cottages are a popular choice for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. These charming cottages are nestled in the heart of the countryside, offering a peaceful retreat for those seeking a break from the daily grind. There are two main types of Coed Cottages: Traditional and Modern.

Traditional Coed Cottages

Traditional Coed Cottages are often made from local materials such as stone and timber and have a rustic charm that is hard to resist. These cottages are usually small and compact, with low ceilings and exposed beams. They often have a thatched roof, which adds to their traditional look and feel. Many traditional Coed Cottages also have a fireplace, which is perfect for keeping warm on cold winter nights.

One popular type of traditional Coed Cottage is the Welsh Longhouse. These cottages are long and narrow, with a thatched roof and a central chimney. They were originally used as farmhouses, with the animals living at one end and the family living at the other.

Another type of traditional Coed Cottage is the Cornish Cottage. These cottages are typically made from local stone and have a thatched roof. They often have a small garden or courtyard, which is perfect for enjoying the summer sunshine.

Modern Coed Cottages

Modern Coed Cottages are a more contemporary take on the traditional Coed Cottage. They are often larger and more spacious than their traditional counterparts and are designed to be more energy-efficient. Modern Coed Cottages often have large windows, which allow plenty of natural light to flood into the property.

One popular type of modern Coed Cottage is the Eco Cottage. These cottages are designed to be environmentally friendly and are often made from sustainable materials such as timber and straw bales. They often have solar panels on the roof, which provide the property with electricity and hot water.

Another type of modern Coed Cottage is the Luxury Cottage. These cottages are designed to offer a high-end holiday experience, with features such as hot tubs and private swimming pools. They often have large open-plan living areas, which are perfect for entertaining guests.

Benefits of Coed Cottages

Coed Cottages offer a unique experience for those looking for a comfortable and cosy accommodation option. Here are some of the benefits of staying in Coed Cottages:

Social Interaction

One of the significant benefits of staying in Coed Cottages is the opportunity for social interaction. Unlike hotels, where guests are often isolated in their rooms, Coed Cottages offer a communal living space where guests can interact with each other. This social interaction can lead to the formation of new friendships and the sharing of travel experiences.

Shared Responsibilities

Another benefit of staying in Coed Cottages is the shared responsibilities. Guests can share the responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, and other household chores. This can lead to a more relaxed and stress-free holiday, as guests can take turns to do the work, giving everyone more time to enjoy their holiday.

Cost Efficiency

Coed Cottages can also be a cost-efficient option for those travelling on a budget. With the shared responsibilities, guests can split the cost of groceries, utilities, and other expenses. This can lead to significant savings compared to staying in a hotel or other accommodation options.

In summary, Coed Cottages offer a unique and comfortable accommodation option that provides opportunities for social interaction, shared responsibilities, and cost efficiency.

Challenges in Coed Cottages

Privacy Concerns

One of the main challenges of staying in a Coed Cottage is privacy concerns. Guests may find that they are in close proximity to other guests, which can make it difficult to relax and unwind. Additionally, some Coed Cottages may have shared facilities, such as a communal kitchen or living area, which can further exacerbate privacy concerns.

To address this challenge, some Coed Cottages offer private rooms or separate cottages for guests who require more privacy. Guests may also be able to request a private bathroom or other amenities to help enhance their privacy. It is important for guests to communicate their privacy needs to the cottage owner or manager in advance to ensure that their needs are met.

Conflict Management

Another challenge of staying in a Coed Cottage is conflict management. When guests are in close proximity to one another, conflicts can arise over noise levels, shared facilities, and other issues. It is important for guests to be respectful of one another and to communicate openly and honestly about any concerns or issues that arise.

To help prevent conflicts, some Coed Cottages have established rules and guidelines for guests to follow. For example, guests may be asked to keep noise levels to a minimum after a certain time or to clean up after themselves in shared spaces. Cottage owners or managers may also be available to mediate conflicts or provide guidance on how to resolve issues.

Overall, while staying in a Coed Cottage can present some challenges, these can be mitigated by clear communication and a willingness to be respectful of other guests. By working together, guests can help ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and relaxing stay.

Choosing the Right Coed Cottage

When planning a holiday in Betws-y-Coed, choosing the right cottage can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it’s important to consider a few key factors to ensure that you choose the perfect vacation accommodation. Here are some important things to keep in mind when choosing a Coed cottage:


The location of your Coed cottage is an important factor to consider. For those who want to be close to the town centre, there are plenty of options available. However, if you’re looking for a more secluded and peaceful location, there are plenty of cottages available in the surrounding countryside. It’s important to consider your preferences and choose a location that suits your needs.


Another important factor to consider when choosing a Coed cottage is the size. Cottages come in a range of sizes, from small and cosy to large and spacious. It’s important to consider the number of people in your group and choose a cottage that can comfortably accommodate everyone. Additionally, some cottages may have extra amenities such as a pool or a garden, which may be important factors to consider when choosing a cottage.

Rules and Regulations

Finally, it’s important to consider any rules and regulations that may be in place when choosing a Coed cottage. Some cottages may have restrictions on pets or smoking, for example, so it’s important to check these details before booking. Additionally, some cottages may have specific check-in and check-out times, so it’s important to be aware of these details to avoid any issues during your stay.

By considering these important factors, you can choose the perfect Coed cottage for your holiday in Betws-y-Coed. Whether you’re looking for a cosy retreat or a spacious family home, there are plenty of options available to suit your needs.

Living in Coed Cottages

Daily Life

Living in Coed Cottages provides a unique experience for those looking for a peaceful and secluded lifestyle. The cottages are surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, including the Snowdonia mountain range. The interiors of the cottages are designed to be comfortable and cosy, with wood burners and modern amenities such as Smart TVs, electric ovens, and dishwashers.

Daily life in Coed Cottages is a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Residents can enjoy walks along the river and pastures that surround the cottages, or take a short drive to explore the nearby villages and towns. The cottages are also conveniently located near local shops, restaurants, and pubs, making it easy to enjoy a night out without having to travel far.

Community Participation

Coed Cottages has a strong sense of community, with residents encouraged to participate in local events and activities. The nearby village of Betws-y-Coed hosts a range of events throughout the year, including music festivals, craft fairs, and food markets. Residents can also get involved in local conservation efforts, such as planting trees and maintaining footpaths.

For those who prefer a more laid-back lifestyle, Coed Cottages offers plenty of opportunities for relaxation and solitude. The cottages are designed to be private and secluded, with many featuring enclosed gardens and patio areas. Residents can spend their days reading a book, enjoying the stunning views, or simply soaking up the tranquillity of their surroundings.

Living in Coed Cottages is a unique and rewarding experience, providing residents with a perfect blend of adventure, community, and relaxation.

Future of Coed Cottages

Coed Cottages has been a popular destination for tourists looking for a peaceful and relaxing getaway in North Wales. With its beautiful surroundings, comfortable accommodations, and excellent facilities, it has become a favourite among visitors from all over the world.

Looking towards the future, Coed Cottages aims to continue providing top-notch service and amenities to its guests. The management is committed to maintaining the high standards that have made it a sought-after destination for travellers.

In the coming years, Coed Cottages plans to expand its offerings and cater to a wider range of guests. The management is considering adding more cottages and apartments to the property to accommodate larger groups and families. They are also exploring the possibility of adding more facilities such as a swimming pool and a spa to enhance the guest experience.

To keep up with the changing times, Coed Cottages is also looking to embrace technology and provide more digital services to its guests. They plan to introduce a mobile app that will allow guests to book their stay, order meals, and access information about the property and surrounding areas.

In addition, Coed Cottages is committed to sustainability and plans to implement eco-friendly practices in its operations. The management is exploring ways to reduce waste, conserve energy, and promote responsible tourism.

Overall, the future of Coed Cottages looks bright, and the management is excited to continue providing exceptional service and experiences to its guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the amenities provided at Coed Cottages?

Coed Cottages offer a range of amenities for guests to enjoy during their stay. These include free Wi-Fi, a fully equipped kitchen, a comfortable living area, and a private outdoor space. The cottages also have access to a communal garden and BBQ area, perfect for enjoying the outdoors.

Are there any campsites near Coed Cottages?

Yes, there are campsites near Coed Cottages. White Tower Holiday Park and Pleasant View Holiday Park are both within a short driving distance from Coed Cottages.

What is the nearest town to Coed Cottages?

The nearest town to Coed Cottages is Ullswater. It is a small town located in the Lake District National Park, which offers a range of amenities for visitors, including shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Are dogs allowed at Coed Cottages?

Yes, dogs are allowed at Coed Cottages. However, guests are required to inform the management in advance if they plan to bring their pets.

What is the pricing for holiday cottages at Coed Cottages?

The pricing for holiday cottages at Coed Cottages varies depending on the time of year and the size of the cottage. Guests can visit their website or contact them directly for more information on pricing and availability.

What are the check-in and check-out times at Coed Cottages?

The check-in time at Coed Cottages is from 3 pm, and the check-out time is before 10 am. However, guests can contact the management in advance if they require any flexibility in these timings.


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